An access point is installed in the customer location. In order to access the internet through FreeWiFi® ® solution, the user enters his mobile phone number.

After validation, the system registers and stores the user`s MAC address, the type of the terminal he uses, the operating system, the connection time, date and duration and the location where he connected from and his public profile information declared in his social media network account (name, surname, sex, date of birth).

data collection


To access the Internet through the FreeWiFi solution the user enters his phone number or logs in using the social networks Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Twitter.


After a few seconds, the authentication PIN is sent by SMS and at the same time the mobile phone number is checked up. In case the authentication is made through social login, the data validation is made automatically.


After validation, the system registers the user's MAC address, device type, operating system, authentication time and date, connection duration, location and demographics.


The system does not register information such as: visited pages, passwords, sent or received e-mails.


  • The databases are stored on servers and hosted in a data center in accordance with all the safety and security conditions – GTS Telecom.
  • The access to the database is made through a secure communication channel server to server.
  • The router installed at the client’s location benefits of warranty as long as the contract is valid.
  • For any technical issue we provide our clients the technical assistance service.