Campaign scenarios

Imagine how would it be like for a customer the moment he passes by your store to receive a SMS referring to an ongoing promotion ?

How would it be like, at the 5th come-back to your store, the client to receive through SMS a promotional code for a discount that can be used on the spot ?

What if you would have the opportunity to send a message to customers who celebrates their birthday over a few days ?

FreeWiFi® offers multiple benefits and applications.

Scenario no. 1

Scenario no. 2

Scenariu 1

Information filtering

Searching filters :

  • Operating system
  • Number of user connections to the Wi-Fi network
  • Demographics: sex, age and location

The operating system is referring to the mobile device system – iPhone or Android. According to it the system can filter a type of clients with a higher income or at least equal with the average national wage.

The number of connections can tell us the fidelity degree of the client to this Wi-Fi network.

Using demographics you can understand better your customers’ profile. Using Age, Sex and Name you can communicate your campaigns is a targeted way.

Campaign target

Generating the results from the database with the possible clients to be contacted.

Sending the campaigns

By using the on-line platform sendSMS®, you can sent up to 100 SMS per second and the reports can be visualized in real time. For example, if the report contains 6000 numbers, they will be sent in 1 minute. The message could be: ”Come to Sandra Fashion shop and get any t-shirt with a discount of 50%.”

Scenariu 2

The service can be customized depending on the solution the client requires. Requirement: fidelization of the clients who come in the location frequently.

The application can identify them by their mobile phone number and their mobile device.

1st Version

At the 10th come back at the location the client receives a message which invites him to show the text to the person in duty in the location in order to receive a certain discount.

2nd Version

At the 10th come back at the location the manager receives a notification of the client’s returning, this way the discounts can be customized.

3rd Version

The manager and the client receive both a notification SMS, also the manager it is notified by email.

The client’s SMS contains a link to an online survey, that will ask about the quality of the products and services.