Social logins

Social Logins - a unique and extremely useful tool for your business !
You retain the names of your customers that login to Wi-Fi from your location, and you can build yourself a powerful database !


How will Social Logins help you develop your business ?

The clients can login to the Wi-Fi in your location, by connecting automatically through the social networks, with their Facebook, Twitter, Goggle+, LinkedIn accounts.

The authentication process is simple:

You connect to the location’s router;
You choose the social network you want to login through;
You navigate freely on the desired web page;

The benefits of Social Logins Service:

  • you collect information for your own unique, relevant database (with clients that are really interested in your business);
  • you send to your customers personalized offers for special occasions, like birthdays, or name days;
  • you select the customers according to the age or sex segments;
  • you have the possibility to send simple or complex newsletters;

Steps to follow for sending your campaign :

From “Campaigns” tab you can choose the type of the campaign you want to send: e-mail or SMS.

Then you choose a name for your campaign and the time you want it to be sent.

And, eventually, you personalize your campaign according to location, name, sex and age, like in the images shown below :