Guest WiFi Marketing Campaigns

Proximity / Location Based Communication. Send SMS/E-Mail notification to people who are nearby your venue. You can use all audience & behavior segments in order to target the right persons, increase ROI and reduce your costs.

Using our solution you can increase the loyalty. Just turn-on the Real Time Campaigns and send a nice message when a client returned to your venue for the Nth time. That's cool, right?

FreeWiFi® offers endless possibilities to marketers. It's only about your imagination! Start use our Guest WiFi Marketing solutions right now!

Guest WiFi Marketing For Restaurants

Guest WiFi Marketing for Shopping Malls

Scenariu 1

Live Campaign - LBS Proximity Based Services

Audience segmentation:

  • Demographics: Men, Age 25-45
  • Behavior: Have visited the venue in the past 30 days for at least 10 times
  • Message: Thanks for being our customer. Here is coffee and cheesecake on the house. Just show this code FWF1093 to waiter

FreeWiFi, The Guest WiFi Marketing Platform, will send the message to all users whics connect to your Guest WiFi network and correspond to the selected audience segments.

Birthday hook

Audience segmentation:

  • Demographics: All users
  • Behavior: Have the birthdate in the next 4 weeks
  • Message: Hello {Name}, It seems a big event is just around the corner. Celebrate your birthdate with at least 10 friends at City Grill Restaurant and the champagn is on the house.

The WiFi Marketing system will send the message only to users which celebrate the birth-date during the next 4 weeks.

Upsell strategy

Audience segmentation:

  • Demographics: All users
  • Behavior: Have connected to Guest WiFi between 9am and 2pm.
  • Message: Hello {Name}, don't forget about our dinner offer. Come to Quanic Pub between 5pm and 11pm with this code FWF19203 and you get 1beer/wine for free.

The WiFi Marketing system will send the message to all users who connect to Guest WiFi during breackfast/lunch period inviting them to comeback during the dinner.

Scenariu 2

Live Campaigns - LBS Proximity Based Communication

E.g., a shopping mall with 46 APs installed and mapped based on the store they are near by(AP name: Zara, Stradivarius, MediaMart, SportscDirect, Decathlon, McDonalds, Burger King, etc..

Audience segmentation:

  • Demographics: Woman, Age 25-45
  • Behavior: Are connected to Zara AP
  • Message: Check the offers with 40% discount from Zara. coats, jackets, blazers, dresses, jumpsuits, knitwear starting with only 19 Euro. Also visit to get the entire collection!

All the relevant users who are in the proximity of Zara store will get the invite to visit Zara store and benefit on the latest offers. This kind of campaign can be up-sell to Zara or included in the monthly advertising pack.

Food Area - Step out from the crowd

Audience segmentation:

  • Demographics: All users
  • Behavior: Are connected to any AP located in the food area
  • Message: Hungry for a beef burger? Check Burger King to see what we have for you. Show this code FWF1234 to get a french fries for FREE!

All users who are near the food area will receive the Burger King message.

3rd Party Campaigns

E.g., we are in a shopping mall with 45.000 people subscribed to their Guest WiFi network, with GDPR consent for 3rd party communication agreement. The shopping mall is located in Berlin. A large event will take place near Berlin and it needs to get attention. The audience segment is similar with shopping mall visitors.

  • Welcome Page is branded with The Event video ad. It will be seen by all users who connect to Guest WiFi network
  • When a user connects it will get a message invite to book a ticket for The Event
  • After authentication to Guest WiFi network the user will be redirected The Event booking page