FreeWiFi - WiFi Analytics and Communication Platform

application is a direct marketing and customer loyalty tool which helps you create your own database of individuals who connect to your network. Using FreeWiFi® you can analyze online customer profile and send custom messages (SMS or email).

You can easily manage the service after authentication, right from the main page and also you can see the data in real time:
  • quickly create a campaign
  • see the credit
  • see the locations
  • campaigns history
  • see the active equipment
You can see several types of reports for an effective management:
  • real time traffic from the location that shows the clients whoare loggedin on the equipment at that certain moment;
  • the number of persons who logged in and the number of sent PINs
  • what type of phone and browser they use and how much time they spent in the location;
  • the number of unique users registered in the database for each equipment, demographics: full name, sex, age, and location for users who log in through social networks
Chart visualisation:
  • based on a calendar it shows the number of registrations for periods of 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days and one
  • chart with total registrations versus come-backs
Visualization of the campaign status:
  • sending date
  • sent / currently sending
  • the type of the campaign(clients since 10 days ago, faithful client etc.)
  • the content of the message sent
  • the number of contacts
  • the contacts in Blacklist
  • the number of sent messages
A good time and cost management because the BILLING tab allows:
  • filling up the account and pay on-line
  • releasing bills for the credit charged in one minute time
  • reports for sent messages and their price list
Customizing communication through predefined campaigns:
  • the customer can be identified by his mobile device, name, sex, age and / or location
  • creating custom campaigns based on customer type (fairly, regularly, occasionally)
  • the possibility of sending a campaign on a date / hour / minute default
  • auto-logon message to communicate a promotion
  • automatic disconnection message for gathering feedback
Customizing WiFi network name (ex .: Dominium pizza -50%)

On demand we can develop custom modules!