Social WiFi

Social WiFi for your guests gives your users the opportunity to connect using their preferred social network.
Using Social WiFi you accelerate the personal data collection getting more accurate demographics that will help your marketing manager to better target the audience.


How will Social Logins help you develop your business ?

Social WiFi login is fast as: 1, 2, 3! That was all. Your users will love the guest wifi with Social WiFi login. The social wifi authentication process is simple:

User select SNA(Social Network Account)
Select their favorite social network
Marketing consent. GDPR Compliant Guest WiFi.

Authenticate and that was all!

Guest WiFi without Social Login? No way! Here is what Social WiFi offers:

  • Increase the ROI of communication campaigns while reduce the costs
  • Demographics personal data of your clients
  • Can send to your customers targeted communication for special occasions, like birthdays, or name days
  • Get more valuable reports

Increase the ROI of your marketing campaigns by sending targeted messages.

Use demographics segments and make sure your message goes only to relevant audience. A campaign scenario: Choose only Women, with age between 25-45 years,who have been in your venue in the past 15 days.

Write a Woow message and get ready! Our WiFi Marketing platform can reach your clients through SMS and Email.

A! Before sending your campaign you can check our newsletter templates. We have hundred to choose from.

Check your campaign summary and that was all